22. Zay Gets a Big Fat Stiff Arm, but he's Building the Perfect Soundtrack // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 15


Every rose has its thorn and rejection is a big huge nasty thorn hiding in the fancy little rose bush we call Hollywood. But Rollers is on to bigger and better things including the perfect soundtrack.



Jurassic Park- Michael Crichton - NEXT (future technology), Timeline (middle ages)

Jeff Goldblum - “that’s one big pile of shit”

Honey I shrunk the kids- Rick Moranis (life now)


The sure thing- Rob Reiner

Mulholland Drive

Hocus pocus

Psalty the songbook

The donut man

Carmen confronts a witch

Mr. Robot guy plays in freddie mercury new movie

Did Jimmy Page kill John Bonham with witchcraft? Short Answer: Maybe.

The song remains the same - madison square garden

Hammer of the gods

Suspension of disbelief theory

“Once” the movie

Spinal tap- Big Bottom:

James brown is THEE STANKY

The Doors

American prayer

John Prine- I have met my love today

Radio lab- sexual consent

Prairie home companion- Garrison Keillor

Johns top 3 soundtracks: pulp fiction, jungle boogie, dazed and confused

Zay’s top soundtracks: Royal Tenenbaums, Goodfellas, anything Martin Scorsese

Whitey bulger the gangster - The Departed

Jeff Sessions- favored the kkk until he found out the smoked dope

Back to Whitey- got wrecked in prison

Closing thought: SNL Casey Affleck - dunkin doughnuts skit

Bonus episode on Friday 11/9

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Produced and edited by: Isaiah Smallman

Executive Producer: Jon Schimpf

Opening music: "The Get Down," Produced by Summer Dregs

Outro music: Composed and Recorded by Tom Paulus and Max Belz

Cover Art by: Nate Giordano

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