24. Bryce McGuire is a Successful Writer/Director… And he’s Broke


Very special guest Bryce McGuire joins us to tell the story of how he went from dead-broke screenwriter turned kindergarten teacher to setting up a couple of projects with major studios and Stevie Spielberg.



Breaking Bad // Mark Johnson (Producer)

Wise Blood (By Flannery O’Connor)

Do you have to live in LA to make it in Hollywood?

Do drug dealers use gold? // Apparently “Gold is the new Cocaine for money launderers

Tommy Bertelsen

  • Tommy is a Badass director and we’re producing a new podcast about his experience directing a new movie called “Welcome to Mercy.”

  • Here’s his IMDB

Bryce McGuire Short Films!

Gersh Agency

Harlan Coben // His website

Face Off (on the SyFy Channel)

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