3. What Makes Indie Movies "Successful?" // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 3


What makes an indie movie successful? Money? Critical Success? And why are Broadway musicals so damn long? Jon and Zay also recap their wild adventures with the homeless residents of NYC and LA.


Show Notes

0:00 - 9:00 | Jon and Zay cover Broadway and Jon’s NYC exploits.

9:00 - 33:26 | Zay and Jon cover Zay’s responds to the theoretical haters. What if you’re you’re good enough to make it? What does success look like? What are Zay’s weaknesses as a director? Is there a difference between films and movies? Is it more important to make a critically or financially successful movie? Do you have to choose? How do you cover important issues in movies in a way that has staying power?

33:30 - The Mail Bag (and a little salute to Teddy Bronson)

35:00 - Where do ideas and inspiration come from?

37:05 - 42:10 - Zay recounts his wonderful experience at David Chang’s Restaurant, [Majordomo](https://www.majordomo.la/)

42:10 - 46:15 - Jon and Zay’s Adventures with the homeless (and not-homeless)

46:15 - 57:00 - Project update on Rollers / Zay’s almost got a casting director and he’s talking to producers (and more adventures with the homeless)

59:20 - Zay (who just started playing guitar) plays a horrible cover of “Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Links Etc.

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The David Chang Experience

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  • Momofuku, New York | Website
  • The Dave Chang Show Podcast | Website (although don’t listen to it because you should listen to I guess we’ll Do It That Way)
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