4. What Do Producers Do? Also Zay Has a Casting Director // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 4


What do producers do? And are all executive producers just rich bros trying to get laid? Jon and Zay also dive into the difference between indie and studios projects and Zay talks about his awesome casting director!


Show Notes

0:00 // Opening Conversation

3:20 // Rollers Project Update

Zay attached a casting director!!

8:20 // The search for a great co-producer continues

An amazing documentary about the making of The Shining, made by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter. Watch it on YouTube.

10:00 // New series announcement! Our next episode will be a discussion about a classic movie, Ace In The Hole!

Watch Ace In The Hole and TONS of other stuff on FILMSTRUCK

19:20 // What do producers do contd.

22:45 // Time to answer the mail!

30:30 // How do Executive producers differ from regular producers? What’s the Difference between indie and studios?

Roger Corman // Wikipedia

Tyler Perry // Main Website

37:00 // When we finally get to talking about exec producers

Hunter Gatherer Executive Producers

40:20 // Wrap up


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