6. A Humiliating Confession and Mission Impossible (for Jon) // Feat: Uncle Nate


This week we get Uncle Nate on the horn to discuss Mission Impossible: Fallout. Unfortunately the "mission" to see the movie proved impossible for Jon so he spent the night playing darts instead. Zay also makes an embarrassing confession relating to the show.



00:00 // Jon didn’t actually see the movie. Is it weird that Tom Cruise is a scientologist?

11:30 // Does JJ Abrams have any actual influence over the Mission Impossible Franchise? And does Tom Cruise doing his own stunts have a net positive or net negative impact on the financial health of the series? 

Tom Cruise being a complete BAMF and flying a helicopter through a canyon.

16:00 // Award Nominations. The “FACE HOT” Award and the “OH SHIT I'M IN NOW” award.

17:00 // Quick PLOT OVERVIEW for Jon since he didn’t see the movie.

38:00 // Mail Bag:

  • Peacock update
  • The head in the box mystery is going to remain a mystery.

41:00 // Zay's Big Confession!!

45:30 // A little more Mission Impossible and some Wrap Up

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