7. Zay Almost Died at Sundance // Feat: Steve Smallman


We recount Zay's near death experience at Sundance; we FINALLY solve the head in the box mystery and Zay's dad jumps on the horn to correct (and corroborate) the record of Zay torching a school. It's a real pyro buffet up in here.



Intro talk. Are we out of topics!? Nope. As Jon’s wife says, “only boring people are bored.”

5:30 jumping into the episode! (We’re talking about Sundance)

Robert Redford is a good looking man. 

“Old Man And The Gun” // Watch the trailer 

Mr. Show // Watch this episode on YouTube // Feat: David Cross and Bob Odenkirk)

Mitch Hurwitz on IMDB 

13:15 Time for the MAIL BAG (W/ a Peacock update)


Justin Bieber’s pastor (apparently they had a falling out)

Lisa (Left Eye) Lopez // “Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls

23:20 / That was interesting story add space

24:00 // We solve the age-old question… What was in the head in the box???

28:30 // Steve helps us with the school-arson fact check

Northern district police station PICTURE // Spoiler: it really does look like a castle

39:00 // Back to stories of Sundance!!!

James Schamus on Wikipedia

An exterior picture of our house at Sundance

A picture of the deadly fireplace

Marcus Cox On IMDB 

Tangerine // Watch it on Netflix

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