9. Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 6


Spoiler Warning: We don't actually talk about locations this week... But we do check in on Zay's search for actors and talk about major influences on Rollers, including the Anderson Brothers (Paul Thomas and Wes). We also give a little time to the limitations of "relevant" or “disposable” art. Keep an eye out for a bonus episode later this week (for the long awaited T-shirt giveaway)!



The War on Drugs // Here’s the music video for “Pain,” a song from his new album Thinking of a Place. Adam Granduciel, the main creative force behind the band happens to be from Philadelphia, which is also Zay’s home town and right across the river from Jon’s.

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal” - Pablo Picasso (?)

Robert Altman on Wikipedia

Oliver Stone (not Robert Altman) directed Born on the Fourth of July in 1989. It stars, guess who? Tommy Cruise himself.

Mumblecore // It’s fine. It’s also not technically a thing. It’s just a sub-genre.

52:00 // We’re launching a new show within a show! It’s called This is What You Should Watch!

Bo Burnham // Amazing young director of Eighth Grade

  • Here’s the trailer for Eighth Grade (2018) by A24.
  • Watch his standup special Make Happy on Netflix.

@DadBoner AKA Karl Welzein // One of the greatest comedy experiments ever done on social media. Here’s his Twitter account.

Here’s the link to the police station castle, which really does look like a castle!!!

Paul Thomas Anderson

  • Watch the Boogie Nights (1997) trailer here.
  • At the time of this release it’s still on Netflix here.
  • Warning: extremely graphic sexual content and violence.

Michael Arndt, the patron saint of Mama Bear Studios // Here’s his IMDB. He was nominated for an Oscar for Toy Story 3 (2010) and won the oscar for best original screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine (2006).

Austin Film Festival // Easily one of the best festivals I’ve ever attended (especially for screenwriters). It starts Thursday, October 25, 2018.

The Driskill Hotel, where Michael Arndt bought Zay drinks with his Star Wars money.

1:11:00 // Time for the Mail Bag (subject to change)

“The Fever” // The song that turned Jon into a Bruce Springsteen fan (at least for now)

Squatty Potty // Their video is amazing and informative.

Indonesian bathrooms are a little tricky for westerners

Wes Anderson // Zay’s earliest cinematic influence

  • Rushmore (1998)
  • The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
  • The Life Aquatic (2004)

FilmGrab // An amazing resource for finding film stills online

This is how Wild Horses, by the Rolling Stones is supposed to sound.

Here’s a link to a full concert of Led Zeppelin Live in 1970. It just doesn’t make sense how powerful and creative these guys were. Also, how do they make that hair look cool?

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