10. T-Shirt Giveaway and Halfassed History // Bonus Episode


It's time for the long awaited (and overly promoted) T-shirt giveaway. We also talk about... well lots of other totally unrelated things.



Hint: if you want to skip right to the giveaway jump ahead to 17:00 into the episode!

Egg cooker timer thing

Ben and Jerry's "The Tonight Dough,” AKA the greatest ice cream flavor ever conceived by human hands.

Nailed it on Netflix

The Dark Ages on via the Encyclopedia Britannica (NOT wikipedia)

1491: New Revelations of The Americas Before Columbus (on Amazon) // This is basically a textbook, but it will blow your mind nonetheless.

The “Nashville” episode of Drunk History on Hulu.

Miley and Dolly rock out on “Rainbowland

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