12. Tax Credits, Penny Stocks and Peter Dinklage's Dingaling // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 8


The conversation about locations continues. Should Zay shoot in a Masonic Temple Lodge? How much would it cost to shut down Times Square? And why are they making so many movies in Atlanta?! We also introduce the inaugural episode of "Jon talks about money and stuff and explains how it works," in which Jon explains penny stocks and the future profits of the show are committed to SOUPQ, the publicly traded company founded by "The Soup Nazi."



Opie and Anthony // Famous shock jocks from 1995 - 2014

Vanilla Sky (2001) // Dir. Cameron Crowe // Watch some behind the scenes //

Sid The Cat // An awesome LA Based Concert Promoter

The American Legion // Website

Freemasons and their Temple Lodges

We're investing all profits into the Soup Nazi's company: SOUPQ

Penny Stocks // OTC markets

State Tax Credits // An overview

Right to Work // Overview

"Right-to-work laws" are statutes in 27 U.S. states that prohibit union security agreements between companies and workers' unions. Under these laws, employees in unionized workplaces are banned from negotiating contracts which require all members who benefit from the union contract to contribute to the costs of union representation. - Wikipedia

Ted Turner //

Stephen Baldwin // Wikipedia

Bob Corker // Wikipedia

Giant Data Center for the NSA

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