13. Writing Scripts, Getting Big Dogged & The Calabasas Clambake // The Rollers Diaries Vol. 9


It's been a great week for Rollers and Zay is literally shouting about it from the mountain tops (the same mountain in fact that has the Hollywood sign stapled onto it). We also talk about scripts, how they're sold, and whether or not Jon should read Rollers. It's a real Hollywood Bonanza out here, ladies and gentlemen.



Gold Star // One of Zay’s favorite songs called “Crooked Teeth.”

Zay might be losing it // Here's a picture of the peak behind the Hollywood sign where Zay shouted "I'm gonna make a movie" and then pissed on LA.

Kids See Ghosts // Feel the Love

  • Here’s a video of Kanye singing “Poopity Scoop” for 9 Hours

  • Lil Pump & Kanye (music video)

The guy who ran around naked got famous for the “KONY 2012” situation // Here’s a TMZ video of him running around naked

A Star Is Born // Starring Bradley “Smolder” Cooper and Lady “Damn, That Girl can sing” Gaga

The Silver Linings Playbook // (One of) the Bradley Cooper movies with Jennifer Lawrence is // Watch the Trailer

Crazy Rich Asians // Watch the Trailer

A video crash course on how Hollywood worked in its Golden Age!

Here’s a link to some of the biggest spec script sales of all time

The Greatest Showman // Watch the trailer

Ted Bundy // Wikipedia

BTK Omaha Serieal killer // Wikipedia

Rollers Playlist // Spotify

The fake weatherman // During Hurricane Florence

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