16. Should We "Save the Cat" or Let It Die? A Discussion About Script Structure


Do all great movies rely on the same "formula" for their plots? No. But do most of them end up hitting a lot of the same beats in very similar ways? Yup. This week we talk about all of this, including the highly controversial author and screenwriter, Blake Snyder (Save the Cat). We also touch on lots of examples of how this plays out in movies from classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey to The Princess Bride.



Save the Cat (By Blake Snyder) // On Amazon

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Lethal Weapon // "I'm too old for this shit" // "Do Ya Really Wanna Jump? Let's Do It"

Youʼve Got Mail // The Coffee Shop Scene

Dumb And Dumber // "So youʼre sayin' Thereʼs a Chance"

Princess Bride // "Have fun storming the castle"

Adaptation //

Charlie Kauffman // Long ass (but worth a watch) Screenwriting Master Class

Watchmen // Watch the Trailer

What to Know for your FIRST TIME HAVING SEX

Children of Men // Watch the trailer

AMP studios // Check out the website

2001: A Space Odyssey // A great behind the scenes video

Mulholland Drive // Watch the trailer

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