20. VR Won't Replace Traditional Movies and Long Takes are Overrated


It's been a serious couple of weeks so this week we're taking a lighter approach. We talk about some music we've been listening to lately, Chinese social scores, and why Zay thinks long takes are usually overrated.



Flashback to our first episode!

Podcasters Union // Info

Father John Misty // Website

Astroworld: Song Sicko Mode

Elliott Smith // Needle in the Hay

A woman crying after Trump was elected // It's a hilarious video

Chinese Social Credit Score // Crazzzzy // An alternative view

What is a Steadicam?

Michel Gondry // A video breaking down his aesthetic

A great video breaking down "The Spielberg Oner"


A famous Steadicam shot from "The Shining" // This is an example of it being amazingly useful!!!

Augmented Reality Short Films

The Famous Tracking Shot from "Goodfellas"

"Ghost in the Shell" the original trailer

"Akira" // The Trailer

"My Neighbor Totoro" // Trailer

"Ratatouille" // The Cooking Scene

CRISPR // Website

"Easy Rider" // The Acid Scene

"Rear Window" // A Feminist Critique

Box Office Numbers by the year // Box Office Mojo

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